Quick Turnaround Shipping

Free Shipping & Real-Time UPS Integration

Rope, Soap ‘n Dope provides free, timely shipping for all Premium Members within its local delivery zone. Rope, Soap ‘n Dope’s local delivery zone is the Acadiana area of southwest Louisiana. Rope, Soap ‘n Dope has integrated UPS interfaces with its local access network to provide the customer with accurate and immediate shipping rate quotes. Items will ship once the items are available within the Rope, Soap ‘n Dope inventory network. Available items typically ship within 24 hours of placing an order.

Rapid Local Delivery

With multiple delivery vehicles being repeatedly dispatched during the business day, most customers receive orders in less than two hours in Rope Soap 'N Dope's local delivery zone. Reducing the amount of a customer’s employee down time and reducing a customer’s vehicle liability are more ways that Rope, Soap ‘n Dope puts the ease in doing business.

Return Policy

In the event that merchandise must be returned, Rope, Soap ‘n Dope imposes no restocking fee on items that were available for same day shipping at the time of purchase. All other items will have a 20% restocking fee unless otherwise denoted on the product detail page of the item. Additionally, all Rope, Soap ‘n Dope customers are responsible for freight costs on returned merchandise and are required to receive the proper authorization prior to sending any merchandise to the Rope, Soap ‘n Dope distribution center. Any merchandise received at the Rope, Soap ‘n Dope distribution center without the proper authorization, may render itself ineligible for credit.

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